Nine short stories about everything from nude political protest and finding lost love to fishing, the meaning of art, and what happens as marriages mature through the years. 

From an online review by WindSwept: "This is a work of honesty, confusion, and humor...
Mr. Biddle challenges all men to step up and be something we are, but have somehow forgotten what it is. If we can somehow value forgiving, far more than forgetting, we may be on to something great. There is a vision of greatness in this work!

...Nine stories or one story with nine parts, nine souls, nine paths...
What is it to be a man?

...It is not about being a hero, it is about the love and compassion we fill our lives with.

...Mr. Biddle's work is all about kindness,what it really takes to evolve as a man.

Women should read this book to really discover what they need and want in a man. 

...David Biddle is a poet writing books, he makes a mob become an audience, I wish him great success with this novel."

You'll get:
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  • a DRM-free ePub (compatible with iPhone/iPad, Kobo, Nook, and Readmill)

  • literary short stories love loss marriage art family political protest memory memoir
    Language: English / Published: 24 June 2013


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    David Biddle

    David Biddle is the author of the psychedelic novel, "Beyond the Will of God," and two collections of short stories,"Implosions of America" plus "Trying to Care." He has been writing professionally for over 30 years and is a columnist for Among other things, he is currently at work on the new novel "New Creatures of the Great Approximation."

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