Beyond the Will of God is part thriller, part mystery, part paranormal speculation, and part metaphysical science fiction. There's romance and sex, of course -- just enough. But the book also deals with big questions about life, the human mind, and the power of music.

Plot Overview:
Somewhere in the heart of Central Missouri, mysterious music filters through night-darkened farmland. The dead body of an Amish teenager launches a police investigation that leads to a great deal more than a simple homicide. Elvis is seen roaming the countryside. A young, drug-addled clairvoyant arrives in the area, confused about the power improvisational psychedelic music has over human consciousness.

Police Sergeant Jill Simpson teams up with Philadelphia tabloid reporter Franklin Harris to tie all of these issues together. They will stumble into mysteries far more important than anything they could have imagined. 

Beyond the Will of God is a murder mystery rolled up in the secret of music and then wrapped in questions about the power of the human mind. This is a thriller rolled into magical realism and speculative visionary fiction…totally off the literary grid. If you’re looking for something quite different, this is probably the novel for you. 

You'll get:
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  • literary mystery music psychedelic Jimi Hendrix thriller CIA Missouri Jerry Garcia sex drugs rock 'n' roll
    Language: English / Published: 24 June 2013


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    David Biddle

    David Biddle is the author of the psychedelic novel, "Beyond the Will of God," and two collections of short stories,"Implosions of America" plus "Trying to Care." He has been writing professionally for over 30 years and is a columnist for Among other things, he is currently at work on the new novel "New Creatures of the Great Approximation."

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